We are on a Mission to Decolonize Mental Health

Creative Kuponya is a community with access to restructured, innovative mental health care at the intersection of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through four main avenues: individual therapy, transformative community healing sessions, education & training, and policy reform. Creative Kuponya seeks to dismantle the systemic racism and oppressive forces that are embedded within our mental health systems and provide therapeutic justice to those that society has pushed into the margins.

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What Services We Provide

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Our therapists work with individuals, couples, and families to provide personalized and compassionate care that helps clients achieve their mental health & wellness goals.

Keynote Speaking

Our keynote speaking services provide engaging, insightful and ground breaking information at the intersection of DEI & Mental Health

Education & Training

Our educational experiences provide customized training solutions in the field of mental health and DEI. Beyond these training programs, we also offer consultation and community cultural assessments.

Transformative Community Healing Sessions

Our approach utilizes the celebration of community, culture, and the art of healing. This theory integrates skills to manage mental health, mindfulness and social communication to bring about healing.